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Space Sticker Shooter Logo Space Sticker Shooter

Space Sticker Shooter Screenshot

"Space Sticker Shooter" is a game developed for casual players to have great fun in between and furthermore you get nice stickers for iMessage to show off your successes to your friends.

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Play Tic-Tac-Toe Logo Play Tic-Tac-Toe

Play Tic-Tac-Toe Screenshot

""Play Tic-Tac-Toe" is an iMessage App Extension so you can play it with your friends without leaving iMessage.

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"Play Tic-Tac-Toe" on the App Store

Ueben Pro Logo Üben Pro

Üben Pro Screenshot

"Üben Pro" hilft beim Üben von Noten, Runden, Multiplikation, Addition und Umrechnung.

Die App ist mit dem Ziel entwickelt worden, so einfach wie möglich zu sein. Sie ist besonders für Kinder geeignet, da sie besonders leicht zu benutzen ist. Aus dem gewählten Thema generiert die App eine zufällige Aufgabe. Nach der Eingabe des Ergebnisses wird angezeigt, ob die Eingabe richtig oder falsch war. Bei einer falschen Eingabe wird die richtige Lösung abgezeigt.

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Ueben Music Notes Logo Üben Music Notes Plus

Üben Pro Screenshot

"Üben Music Notes PLUS" lets you practice basic musical notes.

The app is designed to be as simple as possible. This is great for children as it is super easy to use. The app generates a random task with a note drawn on a staff. Enter the name of the note and the app shows, whether it was correct or not. If it was not, the correct name is shown.

When a task is answered, the app records whether the answer was correct or not. A statistics screen shows for each note, how many times it was shown and the percentage of correct answers.

Please look at the main page for the apps for more details.

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Üben Music Notes PLUS on the App Store

Minds In Space Logo Minds In Space

Minds In Space Screenshot

"Minds in Space" is a space shooter controlled with your brain. With attention and meditation levels read by an EEG headset from your brain, you power the laser gun and the shields.

Your attention and meditation levels influence shooting and shield strength.


  • Collect energy balls to repair the space ship
  • Avoid meteors to prevent damage to the space ship
  • With enough attention shoot the meteors into energy balls
  • With enough meditation power the shield and push away meteors
  • Move the ship sideways with your finger
  • Easy, Normal and Hard playing mode
  • Highscore list
  • Intro mode for practicing attention and meditation
  • Status indicator for headset signal condition

Use "Minds in Space" to train your attention or meditation level.

NOTE: "Minds in Space" reads data from NeuroSky's MindWave™ Mobile EEG headset, which must be purchased separately. You can play without a headset, but will have no attention and meditation sensoring.

MindWave™ and NeuroSky® are trademarks of NeuroSky, Inc.
"Minds in Space" and admaDIC are not related or affiliated with NeuroSky, Inc.

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Minds In Space on the App Store

BeNice Logo BeNice

BeNice Screenshot

BeNice keeps score of bonus points for good behavior.

Give points for being nice or - if you must - take away points for being not nice. Let your children see their growing score with good behavior. Turn plus points into reward points; for instance give out some extra candy for 100 points. Move the 100 points to the reward points.

You want to reward your children for good behaviour?


  • Add or subtract points (a person can have 0 to 1000 points)
  • Add details (descriptions like "Cleaned table")
  • Set icons for entries
  • Keeps history of recent descriptions
  • Person starts with score 50
  • Reward points (a person can have 0 to 1'000'000 reward points)
  • 100 Reward points give a gold star
  • Track score for many persons
  • Set icons or custom pictures for persons

This software uses icons from Icons8. (

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BeNice on the App Store

VOF Solver Logo Voltorb Flip Solver

Voltorb Flip Screenshot

VOF Solver is an iPhone app which finds solutions for the voltorb flip game of Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver and helps chosing the cell with the lowest risk of losing the game.


  • Set the sums of coins and orbs for the rows and columns
  • Shows progress and the number of solutions found so far
  • Stop the search any time if you like
  • Quickly browse through the solutions
  • Cells are colored: green for low risk, red for high risk
  • Filters solutions and updates risk colors: Set the cell's coins in the solution matrix as you flip the cells in the actual game
  • Optimized for speed and memory usage
  • Small app size for quick download

If you would like to see more features in VOF Solver, let us know and send an e-mail to We'd like to hear from you :-)

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VOFSolver on the App Store

Base Pairs Logo Base Pairs

Base Pairs Screenshot

"Base Pairs" needs you to build DNA sequences. Just pick the bases that match. Sounds like a piece of cake?

GameCenter is supported, so you can boast about your score.


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