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admaDIC - ADEduKit

by admaDIC / Rainer & Annett Schwarze


admaDIC developed an ADEduKit framework, which simplifies adding support for ClassKit and SchoolWork to apps.



The framework ADEduKit takes care of some heavy lifting. Information for ClassKit can be specified using JSON files, from which ADEduKit derives the required ClassKit details and provides hierarchy information.

ADEduKit ContentApp


The ContentApp is a simple App, which uses ADEduKit to demonstrate the framework's features. It also provides a logging helper, which presents the log output the of the App's ClassKit ContentProvider extension, which otherwise is cumbersome to access.

ADEduKit Tool


The ADEduKit Tool assists in publishing and downloading information via the ClassKit Catalog API, so the App's ClassKit related tasks are known to Schoolwork when the app is not installed on a device.


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